Did You Know Your Carpet Manufacturer Insists On Regular Carpet Cleaning and Protection?

It may sound strange but nowadays reputable carpet and rug manufacturers provide their warranties based on proper cleaning and maintenance of their products. if you adhere to their requirements then the warranty is valid. If you decide to skimp on cleaning your carpet fibres then you may risk to invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. Most specifically they insists on the correct carpet stain protection through Scotchgard or a similar spot and stain shield product.

If you think about it it makes perfect sense to do as the maker of your carpet or rug says as it will extend the life of the floor covering you have purchased. Carpets and rugs take a ton of abuse through everyday use and therefore require attention so they can continue serving you year after year.

What Method Cleans Best?

As you probably know there many different types of carpet cleaning methods and not all of them deliver the same result. Depending on carpet construction you may have methods that must be used in order to prevent damage to the carpet fibers. So, which one should you go for?

Hot Water Extraction

My strongest recommendation will be Hot Water Extraction as it is the most effective way of removing dirt and grime from your precious floor coverings. Most manufacturers who sell carpets in Nashville, TN also recommend HWT as it has a proven track record of being the 1st choice of many carpet cleaners around the world. It works by jetting hot solution into your carpet fibers and then extract the loosened dirt particles using its powerful 3 stage vacuum motors. This method is really good for synthetic carpets although it can be deployed on wool mixtures too, however more care should be taken when doing so.

Dry Encapsulation Sponges

Another way of cleaning carpets is using a dry encapsulation method. It used natural sponges soaked in cleaning detergent that are spread on the surface, rubbed in by a contra-rotating brushes and then extracted using a powerful vacuum cleaner. This method is to be used on natural and 100% wool fibers as it doesn’t carry any risks of shrinkage.

Both carpet cleaning methods are approved by carpet manufacturers as they do not void any warranty on their products.

How to Protect Your Wool and Synthetic Carpet Floor Coverings?

The easiest and safest thing to do would be to call a reputable carpet cleaning company in Nashville and let them carry out the treatment. Mind you, this will save you time and money in the long run.

Book your carpet washing in advance to avoid disappointment

How to Find Recommended Carpet Cleaners in Nashville TN?

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Carpet and Uphostery Cleaning Experts in Nashville

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